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Frolicking Pete and the Fumbling Fingers - Windsor Castle Dungeon Gig

" ...Lancashire ceilidh band "Frolicking Pete and the Fumbling Fingers" provided the music for a ceilidh in Windsor Castle! The Royals, however, did not attend - the dance was held in the social centre in the dungeons.The six-piece band - Peter Crewe who calls and plays whistles, banjo and mandolin, Frank "the Harp" Wood on harp and guitar, Peter "the Squeeze" Robinson on melodeon, Andrew Elliott on fiddle, John Hallows on bass and Gin Crewe on concertina and guitar played a four-hour set.

Said Pete, the caller: "Well, it was certainly an unusual booking for us - we usually perform at venues across the north of England, from Newcastle  to Chester, but we've never ventured as far south as Windsor as a band before. Still we were made very welcome and the dancing was tremendous to watch. It's a shame we had to rush back north the following morning for another engagement - we were invited to look round the castle but we didn't really have the time. We were put up in the Cloisters at the Castle overnight ..."

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