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Frank the Harp

Frolicking Pete and the Fumbling Fingers - Who's Who

Pete Crewe
Caller and multi-instrumentalist (when he gets the time!), and also calls freelance. Explains all the dances, calls them through if necessary and MCs the evening if you wish.

Gin Crewe
Anglo concertina, guitar, bouzouki, harmonium.

Frank Wood
Harp, Guitar. Frank also plays solo and can create that special atmosphere for a wedding. See Frank the Harp page.

Pete Robinson (Pete the Squeeze)
Melodeon and fiddle                                                                   photo © Ani McNeice (www.animcneice.co.uk)

Daisy-Belle Dumsday
Fiddler and classically trained  soprano singer, studying at the Royal Northern College of Music

The original members of the band were all Morris musicians. One evening, after strenuous dancing and intaking of liquid refreshment they were asked to provide music for a ceilidh. But what are you called?" After the usual ribald comments, it seemed a REALLY good idea to call themselves something unusual, hence Frolicking Pete and the Fumbling Fingers Concertina Ceilidh Band- really trips off the tongue, doesn’t it? They did think they were just going to do the one ceilidh...and that was thirty years ago! 

Members of the band have played and sung in various line-ups over the last 30 years (wow - really so long...scary!) including Priory, Attic, Brillig, Wenchall, The Moon and Castle Band, Clitheroe Country Fayre Ladies, Bangles, Beads and Bloomers, Clitheroe Morris Men, Bobbins and Reelers and Belfagan. Chris is a founder member of The Swinging Sporrans!

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